"Facing what could be his final case, inspector George Gently is…"

Last time they said that, the ep ended in Durham Cathedral, with Inspector Lewis having shot Gently in the leg and arm and Bacchus in the stomach.

This does not fill with me confidence.

Poll: who’s your favourite Miss Marple?

I think I’ve got the main lot in order of adaptation…

  1. Margaret Rutherford
  2. Angela Lansbury
  3. Joan Hickson
  4. Geraldine McEwan
  5. Julia McKenzie.


I love Geraldine McEwan’s Miss Marple

She is so bird-like and sharp-eyed and sometimes a bit scary

And always a bit strange, a bit quirky

"'I say, I don't think the human frame is very thoughtfully constructed for this sleuth-hound business. If one could go about on all-fours, or had eyes in one's knees, it would be a lot more practical.'
‘There are many difficulties inherent in a teleological view of creation,’ said Parker placidly."

evaholderart asked: … Jakes typing with the pencil in his mouth owo

"I have heard it said that Lord Peter is the only imaginary detective who ever grew up - grew from the Duke’s son, the fabulous amorist, the scholar swashbuckler, and connoisseur of wine, into the increasingly human character, not without quirks and flaws, who loves and marries, and is nursed by, Harriet Vane. Reviewers complained that Miss Sayers was falling in love with her hero. On which a better critic remarked to me, ‘It would be truer to say she was falling out of love with him; and ceased fondling a girl’s dream - if she had ever done so - and began inventing a man.’"
C. S. Lewis on Lord Peter Wimsey, in “A Panegyric to Dorothy L. Sayers” (via dduane)

i sketched this last sunday after the episode, but only just coloured it.
they are so fucking cute  h e l p


i sketched this last sunday after the episode, but only just coloured it.

they are so fucking cute  h e l p

A message from welcome-to-my-mind-shed
Sorry to bother you but just a quick question since after series 6 of George Gently I've rediscovered my obsession with this show, have you a top five of IGG episodes? :)
A reply from lategoodbye

You’re most definitely not bothering me, especially not since you asked about George Gently. ♥

I’ve talked about this with the gf because we’re both big fans, and these are our top 5 eps:

Gently Upside Down (4x01)

Gently with the Innocents (2x01)

Gently Northern Soul (5x01)

Gently in the Cathedral (5x04)

Gently Between the Lines (6x01)

There’s episode descriptions at wikipedia but all of these eps have lots of character development and fleshed out background characters and contemporary relevance. It’s just good telly beyond the crime angle.

Jodie Comer as Justine Leyland in Inspector George Gently “Blue for Bluebird”